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Work Camp in India in Equal Opportunies

Who: volunteer 18+
Where: Band village, India
Duration: Around 2 weeks
Host Organizations: RUCHI in partnership with Associazione Joint
Deadline: as soon as possible

This work camp in India, Bandh village is a project promoted by RUCHI in collaboration with  l’Associazione di Promozione Sociale Joint. RUCHI (Rural Center for Human  Interests) is an organization that develops the local communities through promoting international volunteering and intercultural exchange. Ruchi was created in the 1983 in the district of Solan and it always dedicated its efforts to the needs of the remote communities. Extreme poverty, the development of basic infrastructures, access to better education for youngsters are some of the main topics, Ruchi works on. Focusing on people, especially young ones, leads to the development of the entire local community.

Through this work camp its intended to empower the presence and activities of women, helping them gain confidence, show them their rights and above all give them the opportunity of becoming a source of income for the family. The volunteer must understand the typical role of the Indian women inside the society and try to accomplish their task in the best way possible.

The volunteer will take part in these activities:

  • Support feminine communities,
  • Take part in discussions and programs,
  • Raising awareness in the territory.

The accommodation during the journey will be in a guest house or hosting family where the volunteers will share a room. Will be provided 3 meals per day by the organisation but its expected that the volunteers help with the cooking or cook by themselves. Bring your own sleeping bag.

  • from 29 of January to 10 of February 2018 (codice RC-01/18);
  • from 23 of April to 3 of May 2018 (cod. RC-08/18).

The cost of the work camp is 220€  with the board and lodging, the initial orientation and the planing costs included. We’d like to remind you that after you have been selected it is necessary to pay 80€ to Associazione Joint, the annual registration sum  for the association (30€) and the participation fee to the project (40€). The participants are responsible for the insurance, the visa and the travel costs for India together with any personal expenses.

To Candidate in this work camp in India please completely fill the form below, specifying the dates for which you want to participate in the project.

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