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Who we are

The workcamp site is managed by Joint, an organization of social promotion based in Milan working since 2003 to give young people, aged between 18 and 30 years old, opportunities for international mobility.

The main Joint’s values are the non-formal education and intercultural learning. All the projects promoted by the association are aimed at encouraging, through educational sessions, the cultural meeting, at developing a civic sense and solidarity.

The particular attention it’s also paid to those young people in socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds or with disabilities.

bambini campo di lavoro


The main Association’s activities are linked to the Erasmus + program, a European Union project funded to improve the skills and employability of young people through learning experiences, internships or volunteer abroad. Are part of this program, the European Voluntary Service (EVS), European youth exchanges and training courses.

In addition to the projects included in the Erasmus + program, Joint has been working for the last year for the work camps organization which duration is between 2 and 6 weeks and it take place in all parts of the world.

The Topics covered during the work camps vary from environmental protection to education to human rights, the promotion of good health practices and the artistic and cultural activities.

To take part in a work camp there is a fee to pay. The amount of it varies depending on the project. It also required the Joint Association membership as a sending organization at a cost of € 30.

The work camp program is open to all those who want to get involved and immerse themselves in a new cultural reality.

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