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The European Youth Portal

Do you know the new European Youth Portal?

The new European Youth Portal has been released at the end of 2018 and you can check it out on www.youthforeurope.eu.

What will you find on Youth for Europe?

On the new European Youth Portal, you will find the calls for Youth Exchanges projects, European Solidarity Corps projects, European Voluntary Service calls, Erasmus Traineeship, Internship opportunities and much more.

Most of the offers are founded by the Erasmus Plus program and do not require any fee to participate in the projects.

How does the new European Youth Portal work?

The European Youth Portal is very easy to use and free for all the users. You’ll just need to connect to www.youthforeurope.eu, check the map you’ll find in home page and see all the available offers you can apply for. Just open the offer and apply for it through the online form you’ll find inside.

NB: Youth for Europe is not in charge of the selections of the participants. Each organization is responsible for that. If you want to have further information about a Youth Exchange, an Internship, a job position, and European Solidarity Corps call or a European Voluntary Service project we strongly suggest you to check for the organization in charge and contact them. The organizations are always mentioned in each project.

You can publish on your own!

If you are a Youth organization in need to promote a Youth Exchange, a Volunteering opportunity, an Internship or a Job position, and European Solidarity Corp call or a European Voluntary Service vacancy you can upload your own project for free.

To do so is extremely easy. Just look at the top right bar of the website and press “Add Listing”. You’ll be guided through an online form which will ask you al the needed information to publish your project on the European Youth Portal.

The aim of the new European Youth Portal is to gather in one place all the youth looking for international opportunities. That’s why is very important both for organizations and youngster to be aware of it. To find your new mobility experience has never been so easy. Youth Exchanges, Internship, European Solidarity Corps projects, and European Voluntary Service calls are waiting for you. Find your match, boost your life.