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Bilateral workcamp on character building and environmental education

Dates of the project:  June and December and available for families

Location: Mijen, Semarang City, Central Java Indonesia. Mijen is located in the sub-urban area of Semarang, 15 Km away from the city center. The orphanage is surrounded with teak plantation.

Language: English should be spoken among participants. Bahasa Indonesia should be spoken with local people. Bahasa Indonesia is super easy language for foreigners. No tenses to study only simple structure. Try to learn online before your departure. Totally worth

Accomodation: Bahtera Kasih orphanage in Semarang Sub-urban; sleeping bag and mosquito repellent are needed, cook together with the orphanage, shared bathroom

Fee: ask GREAT Incoming STV for fee information

Meeting point: GREAT Volunteer House Semarang at Jl. Kedondong Dalam V No.14, Central Lamper 50248 Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia, on dates chosen at first day at the latest 12.00 midday. Contact Program Manager (Mr) Ben Pramudya at +62 813 1803 6960; Incoming Staff (Mr) Yayat at +62 812 2928667

Airport: Ahmad Yani Semarang airport


The project will be focused on two issues. Firstly, character building and self-hygiene education. The activities will be held mostly indoor with children and local volunteers. The second is environmental education in the orphanage. The activities will be held mostly outdoor by the children and volunteers.


Bahtera Kasih Orphanage is a Protestant Orphanage which concerns of religious education toward the children to always believe in God, life in holiness and righteousness. This orphanage focuses on educating the children to have Christ as their way of life. The orphanage provides shelter for 47 children living in here. Most of them are under 7 years old. It is located in a small village in the suburban of Semarang City (15 kilometers away from the city center) called Mijen. Located in the rural area surrounded by teak forest, this orphanage try to open a kindergarten named Garuda Jaya. This kindergarten is available for public, especially for the local people in this village.

The aims of the camp are:

    1. To organize workshop to learn English, Self hygiene, & environment for the children
    2. To motivate the children to create their own future
    3. To support housework in the orphanage
    4. To make the orphanage and environment surrounding to be cleaner and more beautiful
    5. To exchange culture between participants, local people, and local students


There are two kinds of work physical and non-physical work. Physical work: Volunteers are expected to support housework such as sweeping the floors, moping, and cooking for children. Beside those indoors physical activities, volunteers will also have outdoor activities with children, such as gardening, composting, cleaning the environment, etc. Non physical work, such as: English class, educational games, handicraft class, etc.

Special remarks: target groups are the children and “host-families” of Bahtera Kasih orphanage

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