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Bilateral workcamp raising awareness about environment

Dates of the project: all year long except June and December

Location: Cikapundung River Area, Bandung Region

Language: English should be spoken among participants. Bahasa Indonesia should be spoken with local people. Bahasa Indonesia is super easy language for foreigners. No tenses to study only simple structure. Try to learn online before your departure. Totally worth it

Accomodation: Host family, sleeping bag and mattress needed, self cooking, shared bathroom

Fee: ask GREAT Incoming STV for fee information

Meeting point: Dago Bus Terminal on dates choosen at first day at the latest 12.00 midday. Contact GREAT at +62-24 7603503 Contact Program Manager (Mr) Ben Pramudya at +62 813 1803 6960;Contact Area Manager Bandung (Ms) Lina Apriyani at +62 81321870631; Contact Incoming Staff (Mr) Yayat at +62 8122928667

Airport: Soekarno Hatta International Airport Jakarta or Husein Sastranegara International Airport


The biggest vision of this project is raising awareness of environment to local people in Cikapundung area. The volunteers will follow up the activity such as cleaning river and educate people and student to raising their awareness about their environment.


GREAT starts to spread the international voluntary spirit to West Java. We start to make a project at Cikapundung area. Cikapundung is one of the main river flows across West Java including Bandung, the capital of the province. Unfortunately. Cikapundung is a very dirty river polluted by the waste dump carelessly. A lot of local communities work in different Cikapundung basin to take care of the issue. When the rainy season coming, the flood cannot be prevented. So, seeing this problem GREAT decided to support Cikapundung Communities by organizing international workcamps.

The aims of the camp are:

  1. To support the Cikapundung River cleaning project
  2. To invite local people to care to the environment
  3. To educate the Children about green life style
  4. To introduce GREAT and IVS to all Bandung people
  5. Sharing knowledge about environment issues with teachers and students in terms of learning-teaching about extra subject (skills, engineering, English, sport)


Cleaning Cikapundung River, discussion about environment, socialization about Cikapundung river to some school, and organize a green activities in University

Special remarks: Feel free to bring some equipment for the students such as map of your country, if possible some second hand electronic devises that you do not mind to donate to the school for them to learn, educative toys for children of age 7-13 years old.

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