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Bilateral workcamp promoting Borobudur World UNESCO heritage

Dates of the project: all year long except June and December

Location: Borobudur Village, Magelang Region, Central Java Indonesia

Language: English should be spoken among participants. Bahasa Indonesia should be spoken with local people. Bahasa Indonesia is super easy language for foreigners. No tenses to study only simple structure. Try to learn online before your departure. Totally worth it.

Accomodation: Host family, sleeping bag and mattress needed, self cooking

Fee: ask GREAT Incoming STV for fee information.

Meeting point: Adi Sucipto Airport/ Jogja International Airport based on the workcamp dates chosen at first day at the latest 12.00 midday. Contact Program Manager (Mr) Ben Pramudya at +62 813 1803 6960; Contact Incoming Staff (Mr) Yayat at +62 8122928667

Airport: Adisutjipto – Yogyakarta (JOG) International Airport


In cooperation with local students club concerning Borobudur conservation name the Young Guardian Club (YGC) Borobudur, this year will be the second year of GREAT and Borobudur Conservation Office to organize international workcamps there. The bilateral workcamp in Borobudur will support YGC Borobudur program 2017/2018 which include learning about Borobudur as world heritage, its conservation effort, and how volunteers and local youth can contribute to it. The project is in partnership with The Borobudur Park Enterprise and local schools.


Borobudur is listed in the World heritage List UNESCO since 1991 (http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/592). The main and still issue of Borobudur conservation is the mass tourism. At least three millions from worldwide of people step on the temple every year, this brings at least 150 million kg only from the weighs of tourists. Plus the facts that they step on the temple wearing different surface of shoes, this cause erosion to the stones. Also, the weather brings the unsheltered stones of the temple in higher risk of erosion. Therefore, it is important to organize international workcamps to do action and bring the action into raising awareness to the sustainable behavior of Borobudur visitors.

The aims of the camp are

  1. To support YGC Borobudur annual program 2017/2018.
  2. To organize public awareness campaign for sustainable tourism by distributing education and promotion materials
  3. To support the conservation activities of Borobudur temple through manual activities such as cleaning the ancient stones of Borobudur
  4. To strengthen the cooperation with all stake holder and site management of world heritage site in Indonesia.


  1. Participating in learning session on Borobudur conservation works: in the laboratory and in the field by cleaning the temple
  2. Organizing campaign of sustainable tourism for Borobudur visitor in collaboration with YGC Borobudur and other possible campaigns for conservation of Borobudur and the compound temples.
  3. Supporting other program of YGC Borobudur at the time workcamp runs

Special remarks: be ready for, many ideas for games, competition and cultural exchange. So enthusiastic yet shy local students, very broad visitors with different understanding about preserving world heritage, be patient and have big big smiles!!!

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