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Workcamp teaching English to local children and teenagers

Khmer Smile School (KSS)

Since 2013, CYA Khmer Smile School was started to provide English course to local children and teenagers. By seeing the needs of the poor in the village, House Building project also started to build the house for the poor family, and donating some foods for hungry people in this rural community. We believe that through working together, we can make this community a better place and help our children to create their better future.

Khmer Smile School aims to provide free access to informal education for the local youth, teenagers and children in Spean Chreav community, Siem Reap province where their parents generate income to support families by being a tuk tuk driver, moto taxi, farmers, and fishermen as many of them are uneducated. In 2017, we plan to reconstructing our school building according to the needs of the students, establishing handicraft center, set up new library and computer center.

CYA continues working to support poor families to fix their houses and build toilets. One special activity during the project is “Cambodian Real Life Experiencing”. We provide International volunteers chance to experience the living with local families and this year we also work with local community school which is 5mn walk from CYA Khmer Smile school to help them improve tits facility and education part.


A world where global citizens are fully participated voluntarily contributing to create a peaceful and sustain development world.


To bring people together with different backgrounds, experiences and cultures to live, share, and discuss about global issues on the purpose of personal growth, social engagement, and sustainable development.


CYA believes that through organizing international voluntary service activities, youth and young people around the world will have chance to meet, share, discuss, and learn from each in order to create their better future and sustainable development in rural/remote community where the children and young people will have more chance to see the world outside their place.


To reach our vision and walk along our mission, CYA has been working on three main specific areas, children and teenager’s education, community improvement of the living standard, and environmental preservation and protection.


Language: English

Duration: from 05/01/2017 to 18/01/2017,

from 23/01/2017 to 05/02/2017,

from 17/02/2017 to 02/03/2017

Location:  Khmer Smile School, Siem Reap

What volunteers will do?


  • Teaching children English, arts to local children and teenagers, providing reading supports with kids.
  • Organizing hygiene and sanitation classes

Physical Work

  • Constructing the new classrooms
  • Building/fixing house and toilet for local family
  • Helping local family doing income generation activities
  • Help local community school to build trash bins and trash burner
  • Help local community school to repaint their school building

Food and Accommodation

All the volunteers are going to live in a local family house with basic living facility is provided – mosquito net, blanket, pillows and mattress. There are fans provided, but sometimes it is not needed due to the change of temperature in the early morning. The toilet and shower room is shared with the host family and the volunteers. The food also provided by the hosting family, but you are welcome to assist in daily cooking.


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