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Workcamp in Ukraine to teach English to children

GoCamp City is a new format of school day camps with an intensive study of English all over Ukraine.

GoCamp is looking forward to your participation in a new wave of English summer camps for children in 2017, including those affected by the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The project
organizers of the GoGlobal initiative are recruiting English-speaking foreigners who would come to Ukraine and interact with the children in English.

Who can apply?
Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. Volunteers are required to have upper intermediate or above level of English or be a native‐speaker as well as have experience or interest in spheres related to the 4 strands (STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics), Citizenship, Leadership and Career Exploration, Sports and Health).

Location: all over Ukraine

Duration: 3 weeks (May 26‐28, 2017 ‐ Orientation training for volunteers in Kyiv; May 29 ‐ June 16 ‐ 3 week GoCamps all over Ukraine)

Deadline: to apply, submit the application form by January 31, 2017. The earlier you submit your application the more options you will have for your camp site preference.

May 26‐28, 2017 ‐ Orientation training for volunteers in Kyiv
You will participate in training regarding the scope of your work – lessons planning, working with students, and delivering classes, you will have time and space to create activities for students, using advanced educational methodologies etc.
The orientation training will include:
‐ a session on child protection policy
‐ a crash course of the Ukrainian language
‐ practical advice on behavior and classroom management
‐ practical fun camp activities
‐ strand‐related educational activities.
May 29 ‐ June 16 ‐ 3 week GoCamps all over Ukraine (with free weekends)!

What will volunteers be doing?
We are looking for volunteers to dedicate several weeks this spring or summer to assist teachers with various types of activities at GoCamps. Volunteers will be placed in one of numerous GoCamps in all regions of Ukraine (except the Donetsk and Luhansk regions). Volunteers are going to participate in English speaking program and contribute their knowledge, skills and experience. You will conduct interactive activities, games, workshops, etc, according to the strand(s) you have chosen. You do not need professional teaching skills! Here, you use experiential learning through field trips, presentations, walks, sports, arts and crafts, cooking, etc. as “whole‐body” English lessons. Practice conversational English in several different contexts. Some teachers claim that students’ participation in these three‐week intensive English language camps can be equivalent to months of
classroom study.

You will cover the cost of:
● round‐trip airfare to Kyiv
● medical insurance
● participation fee ‐ $75

What is the participation fee used for?
● transfer from the Kyiv airport
● orientation training after arrival to Kyiv
● pre‐departure support by email
● visa support
● accommodations
● partial meals
● travel to your host community and back
● SIM‐cards for local calls and international sms
● support from office staff and a hotline 24/7.

How to apply?
Steps of application:
‐ Fill out the online application form
‐ Skype interview with our manager
‐ Submit a full package of documents (the list of documents will be sent)
‐ Sign of Agreement online
‐ Pay the participation fee
‐ Get introduced to the local school teacher and host family
‐ Receive a full pre‐departure information package.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If we determine that you are a good match for our program, we will invite you for a Skype interview.

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