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Workcamp supporting bio sustainable agriculture


Manor House Agricultural Centre (MHAC) is a Nonprofit Charitable Organization established in 1884 to promote Bio intensive Agriculture (BIA) for improving livelihoods among Kenyan communities. BIA for improving livelihoods among Kenyan communities. BIA is an ecological smallholder farming system which increases yields 2-4 times per unit land area more than in conventional methods. Manor House promotes the farming technology (BIA) through training, research and extension.

Duration of the project: The program will run for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months. The program is running throughout the year.

Orientation: Orientation meeting will take place in Nairobi before proceeding to the project.

Accommodation: At a host family. Please note that you will share the typical living conditions of a Kenyan family. There will be electricity, but no shower and pipe water/taps at the accommodation. Volunteers will be using buckets for bathing. Water will be boiled for drinking purposes and those who prefer can buy bottled water.

Location: Kitale Town is located in the rift valley part of Kenya, approximately 8 hours drive from Nairobi. Transport to the project will be by public transport. Post Office, Banks (ATMs), Internet and other social facilities are located in Kitale Town.

Age range: 18 and over

Participation fee: 600 Euros for 3 months



Seed bed preparation (manual with hand garden tools) – deep soil preparation (Double-digging), manual compost making, making of liquid manure for small holder use. Agro-forestry and nursery management/grafting, planting: close spacing in diagonal offset in rows by hand in BIA beds, companion planting and crop rotation, practical non-chemical pest and disease management, identification, extraction and establishment of herbs for pest and disease management in crops, the village seed selection and saving of open pollinated crops (indigenous vegetables), mix farming farms, the rural indigenous chicken rearing system (free range), making a bee hive (langstroth and Kenya top bar hive).

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