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Workcamp shaping a sustainable future

Education, an important tool for development that enables people to acquire skills, knowledge, attitudes and values which is necessary to shape a sustainable future. As a volunteer for Regular Teaching you will find it rewarding to teach spoken English, basic Math, Health and Hygiene Awareness, Environmental Education and conducting Co-curricular activities with local schools. The schools are Kannada/Tamil Medium schools lacking in resources and/or English Teaching Staff.

One of the important aims of this project is to support the staff in the classroom and to bring an international dimension to learning.

Organization: FSL-India

Period: Please note that due to school holidays, these projects will remain closed during the following months: March until May; in the month of October; and sometimes in December.
During these months, FSL India organises Summer Projects (in March/April/May) and Winter camps (in October). These camps are offered to our LTVs in ‘Teaching projects’ which remain closed due to school holidays.

Application: Volunteers must apply to our partner organizations in their own country.

Placements: We will complete the placements of volunteers within a week of receiving the application. Volunteers can apply for an L/MTV program for a minimum of one month.

Information: FSL-India will send the required Information to the volunteers – including a pre- arrival letter, project profile, info sheet, general information and travel details. This information will be sent to the volunteers at least one month in advance.

Participation Fee: 14,500 Indian Rupees for each month

Arrivals: Volunteers arrive at Kundapur or Bangalore by the first Monday of each month.

Accommodation for Volunteers: accommodation for volunteers can either be at the project, in a local host family, as a Paying guest, in a hostel–depending on the project, location and availability.

Orientation week: The program will start with a week-long orientation. Depending on the volunteer’s project location, the Orientation will be held either in Kundapur or Bangalore. This information will be sent to the volunteer at least a month in advance.

Registration: The registration will be completed during the first week of arrival.

Projects: Following the orientation week, volunteers will join their respective projects in different locations, depending on the placement.

Monitoring: Each volunteer is allocated a LTV Coordinator on his/her arrival who is a staff of FSL- India and he/she supports the volunteer in their project, and monitors the progress during their voluntary service through monitoring visits, LTV Cultural Meet, one to one sessions, emails, phone calls, reports etc. Monthly Project visits are also made by the LTV Coordinators during the placement where ever possible.


– Assist with English language learning by using creative teaching methods and encourage and develop learning levels and     cognitive skills of the students.

– Assist with extra-curricular activities, inspiring children to learn new languages and learn about new cultures

Additionally following tasks may also require your assistance:

– Develop teaching and learning aids with low cost or no cost locally available materials, and facilitate simulation games for the children and the teaching faculties.

– Design developmentally appropriate tools and criteria for assessment of children’s learning levels and cognitive skills; Individual goal setting for children with learning disability; lesson planning etc.

– Develop teaching-learning methods and pass this information (through the Final Evaluation/Report) to future volunteers with a view to creating long-term improvements to the educational model.

The volunteers are encouraged to bring creative ideas to initiate new activities in the school, for example – environmental, organizational or computer education. It is important for the children to feel love and care from you, as you will be surrounded by them every day. If you have many ideas in teaching different kinds of activities such as games, songs, arts and crafts or sports and athletics to children, then this type of project is for you! You will be teaching a variety of subjects depending on your personal interests and skills. Volunteers should have a good level of spoken English, and previous experience in teaching children will be useful.

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