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Workcamp on environmental protection and conservation

Organization: FSL-India Period: Minimum application for Environmental Education is for two months Application: Volunteers must apply to our partner organizations in their own country. Placements: We will complete the placements of volunteers within a week of receiving the application. Volunteers can apply for an L/MTV program for a minimum of one month. Information: FSL-India will …

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Workcamp on environmental sustainability

Project description Environmental leadership is a project focusing on complex question; whether we can design sustainable communities for our future. In cooperation with the local environmental committee, faith organizations, youth and women groups in Mwika Community (Action group), volunteers we will have an opportunity to explore the social, economic, spiritual …

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Workcamp on environment management and conservation program

ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT AND CONSERVATION PROGRAM Hifadhi Environmental organization, a Community based organization formed in 2008, registered by the department of social services and development. Hifadhi deals in various issues that Touches on day to day life of the local communities and run programs such as environment education involving: capacity building …

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