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Workcamp on speech and hearing teaching

Organization: FSL-India Period: Please note that due to school holidays, these projects will remain closed during the following months: March until May; in the month of October; and sometimes in December. During these months, FSL India organises Summer Projects (in March/April/May) and Winter camps (in October). These camps are offered to our …

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Workcamp teaching to street children

Organization: FSL-India Period: Minimum application for Street Children Teaching is for three to six months. Application: Volunteers must apply to our partner organizations in their own country. Placements: We will complete the placements of volunteers within a week of receiving the application. Volunteers can apply for an L/MTV program for a minimum of one …

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Workcamp about sports education

Education Project – Sports education The Sports Education project is designed for volunteers who wish to work with children in schools/orphanages or house for homeless children, but not necessarily spend all their time teaching in a classroom. Volunteers have the opportunity to assist in schools/orphanages to broaden children’s knowledge of …

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