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Workcamp supporting the local community

Dates of the project: Aug 10th – 23rd

Location: Pekalongan city, Central Java Indonesia.

Language: English should be spoken among participants. Bahasa Indonesia should be spoken with local people. Bahasa Indonesia is super easy language for foreigners. No tenses to study only simple structure. Try to learn online before your departure. Totally worth it

Accommodation: Volunteer house in Pekalongan, sleeping bag and mattress needed, self cooking, and self management

Fee: IDR 2,800,000

Meeting point: Pekalongan Train Station at Arrival Hall Central Java, Indonesia, at first day at the latest 12.00 midday, Contact Area Manager Pekalongan (Mr) Ogieg Safiran at +62 8976735014; Contact Program Manager (Mr) Ben Pramudya at +62 813 1803 6960; Contact Incoming Staff (Mr) Yayat at +62 812 2928 667

Airport: Soekarno Hatta International Airport Jakarta. Pekalongan train station


The hygienic situation and education are really low. The work camp should support the LMTV in creating activities with the children as well the parents in Hygiene and how to raise their living standard. Also this workcamp will address other problems there to improve the situation such as provide space for playing, doing sport, art, etc. In addition to this, a regular program led by our local volunteers group, GREAT of Pekalongan, so called Pusdaling – a mobile library on bicycle – is run every week. The workcamp will support Pusdaling as well with their fun reading activities. Previous workcamp videos can be viewed here


Pasir Sari, Poncol and Bugisan are areas in Pekalongan where children with less opportunities and drop out children living. It happen because of very less income of their parents who normally work in informal sector. A hard living in the city leads people to be hardly struggle for a living. This cause parents will insist their children as “money producer” by asking them to go down to street to beg money. Why children? because people will normally feel pity on children rather than adult in giving money. This situation put the children at risk and vulnerable. In fact, according to convention if the rights of the child, children have rights to survival and development. Include the rights to education, primary health care, leisure and recreation, cultural activities, etc (unicef.org/crc). Eager to contribute to fulfill as much as possible the rights of children living in the three areas with guarantee of sustainable action and mentoring to the children, GREAT organize a combine program both STV/workcamps and LMTV.

The aims of the camp are:

  1. Supporting LMTV in creating activities with Vulnerable Children in Pasir Sari, Poncol and Bugisan, long lasting hygienically education for children and parents, motivation drop out children to go to school again
  2. Share experience in vulnerable group with GREAT LMTVs
  3. Experience and exchange the local culture with your origin culture for global friendship


Station learning, non formal active learning, artistic concepts, stories, art work (painting, theater, and music), sharing sessions, cooking session, games with local children around the campsite, and cultural exchanges.

Special remarks

Expected results are: better hygienical situation, less sicknesses, and that children dare to dream big and work hard to realize their dream. These are long term process. Will not be achieved within one workcamp. Do not expect to see big change in 14 days. Target groups are children with less opportunity, drop out children, parents.


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