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Workcamp reflecting on generational cultural exchange


Project description

In the society where we live now, differences of opinions, tastes, believe, other social and cultural norms between older and younger generation are obvious. To date due to the technology and globalization the gaps has been even wider leading to serious issues like discrimination, loosing social values and traditional education, connection to the nature among many others. This project is aiming  to explore, understand, challenge and act on the cross-generational issues leading to enhancing peace, solidarity and sustainable development. The project is implemented in cooperation with education institutions, faith-based organizations, and Elders, Youth and Women groups.

Project Activities

Volunteers will participate in a number of activities in the community  including; Walking and  exploration of indigenous communities living on the sloops of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. (Introduction to issues around globalization, environment and tourism and its impact on local economy and cultures); Intensive Kiswahili Language study, arts and music; Home stay and cultural experience; (Be a grandchild, child, sister or brother), Kiswahili Working with senior citizen, orphans and vulnerable children (storytelling, excursions, sports and gatherings events,, hygiene and cleaning, provide hands-on on their daily activities) to make them feeling valued, included and supported.

Study part

Educational tours to various destinations, workshops, debates and other social events involving generations of the community will be organized with the purpose of learning the difference and  connect the society. Topics for discussion will include rites of passage, modern & traditional religion  and its impact on social and economic aspects of the community. Volunteers are encouraged to study the reality in their own local context and bring information for sharing.

Accommodation and meals

Volunteers will share simple rooms at the communal house in the community. There are running  water and electricity. The facility in located in a very strategic point to view highest Mountain in  Africa- Kilimanjaro. Meals are mostly organic both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Dates of the projects

from 13.03.2017  to 29.03.2017

from 10.04.2017 to 26.04.2017

from 15.05.2017 to 30.05.2017

from 12.06.2017 to 28.06.2017

from 10.07.2017 to 26.07.2017

from 14.08.2017 to 30.08.2017

from 11.09.2017 to 27.09.2017

from 09.10.2017 to 25.10.2017

from 13.11.2017 to 28.11.2017

from 11.12.2017 to 28.12.2017

Location of the Project

Mwika is a fast grown community in the sloops of Mt. Kilimanjaro and along the high way from  Moshi town to Tarakea boarder. The community is featured by various schools, University, Open local market among many other facilities. Majority of the community members are engaged in coffee and Banana farming, dairy farming and business. Mwika is located about 45km from the town center  (Moshi) and accessible by private and public transport.

Free time activities

Possibilities are hiking to Kilimanjaro gate, eco and cultural tourism in Chagga and Masai community, Swimming & Relaxing at Lake Chala and Wildlife safari. (Ngorongoro Creator, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National parks). More details can be provided on request.

Special Requirements

Volunteers should be comfortable working outdoors, social and interested to work with elders, Youth  and Children, willing to share leadership roles, and having a sense of adventure. Volunteers are expected as well to be open minded, flexible and working under minimum supervision.


The official languages of the project are English and Kiswahili. You do not have to be fluently.


Volunteers will be picked up at Kilimanjaro International Airport or Bus station within Moshi town.

Extra Fee

[Non-refundable €270; or equivalent Tanzania shillings to be paid on arrival] This fee cover the cost  of prior communication, pick-up from arrival destination, accommodation during the project, 3 meals a  day during the camp, in-country management, administration costs and partly project materials when needed. The fee does not cover any kind of insurance, visas & permits, vaccinations, pocket money, drop off on departure day, incidentals etc. We are non-profit organization without external funding. Most of the costs of the projects are sustained through participation fee from the volunteers and participants of our programs.

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