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Workcamp promoting environmental education and community development


Kyeni Community Peace Initiative is a community based project and its vision is a sharp focus on community peace, development and sustainable livelihood. The mission is to involve all the community members’ to an understanding of togetherness, teaming up and peaceful approach to settling matters of land sharing disputes in their respective capacities.

Our core values are to practice traditional value of hard work, integrity, efficiency and fairness for the advancement and promotion of environmental education and community development. We are not combating global warming through environmental approach and community campaigns.


Working and interacting with community environmental groups, teaching, playing, socializing with children at Kyeni primary school, campaigning for peace at churches, chief’s barazas and other public institutions on settling matters of land sharing disputes, working and interacting with locals at a local health center, working at the Kyeni community tree nursery, participating in planting of trees along the Kyeni river banks to help conserve water catchment zones. Organizing games with the local youth sports teams. Discussions on global warming and climate change and how to approach peace in handling daily life with the nearby Kyeni day High school students and teachers.

Other activites:

  • Plants trees to revive the dwindling Kyeni community tree project
  • field trips, camps, after-work  programs, and public programs
  • Routine tree nursery maintenance
  • Volunteers will plant trees, collect garbage and clean the area(where necessary)
  • provision of seedlings and seeds for planting in numerous public and private institutions
  • Precaution to protect Water and encroached catchment’s areas.
  • Suitable Environmental Utilization & sustainable energy alternatives.

Volunteers Skills and Interests

  1. Most of our free time will be spent sharing culture and friendship with local community members and the other volunteers on the project, teachers, children, visiting  places as planned with volunteers and the camp team leader. There will be an opportunity to visit a local market, attend church, play soccer and participate in other community activities.
  2. There will be travelling to Historical sites, pre-historical sites, touristic sites, environmental conservation areas and so on. This will be done with the interested volunteers at their expense.
  3. Participants should have a positive attitude, be ready to adopt and enjoy simple living conditions, be flexible and patient motivated to learn about conservation, to work with children and adults and knowledge of some English.

Language: English

Duration of the project: 3 to 6-months long program, running from January-June and  July- December.

Orientation: Orientation meeting will take place in Nairobi before proceeding to the project.

Accommodation: At a host family. Please note that you will share the typical living conditions of a Kenyan family. There is no electricity and shower at the accommodation, but there is solar power.

Location: Kitui County is located in the eastern part of Kenya, approximately 4 and a half hours drive from Nairobi. Public transport to the site is available. The closest Hospital, Markets, Post Office, Banks (ATMs), Internet and other social facilities are located in Kitui town. The region is hot and dry.

Leisure time:

– Sightseeing (beautiful sceneries and terrains)

– Nature walks (to the nearby Kitimui and Mutonguni hills

– Cultural exchange with locals

Special requirements: Participants should have a positive attitude, be ready to adopt and enjoy simple living conditions, and be flexible and patient.

Age range: 18 and over

Participation fee: 600 Euros for 3 months


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