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Workcamps creating development programs for the Masai Community


Is a community based organization  project which is  owned and managed by the Masai community living in the sienna location in Mara division just adjacent to the great Maasai Mara Game park.

The project started in 1997 through the effort of church leaders seeking opportunities to address community needs which ranged from a lack of health facilities, poor sanitation, poverty illiteracy, human wildlife conflicts and the increasing HIV/AIDs pandemic.

The main initiative of the project is to build a strong supportive CBO that will care, support and develop programmes of benefits to the entire community.

The project aims to improve the living standards of the sekenani Area Maasai community by narrowing the poverty gaps; it is intended to expand the project to cover the whole of the siana location to meet the needs of 6000 inhabitants living within an approximate 700sq. kms radius.



Teaching in Masai Community schools to impart basic education. Volunteers work in community schools and teach subjects such as English, Maths, General knowledge, Geography and Sciences. The schools in Kenya are open for the following months/terms: January to March, May to July and Sep to Nov.

Health programs in relation to natural herbs- Masai people in Kenya are highly regarded and a point of interest because of their strong culture. Masai depend on natural curative drugs in treating most diseases. They rarely visit hospitals thus embrace their medicinal herbs while at home. A medical volunteer can grab this special opportunity to work hand in hand with the Masai to further a research work on curative herbs and offer traditional healthcare providers an improvement in their health delivery to efficiently support the modern ones.

FGM- Campaign against Female Genital Mutilation and early forced marriages among girls and keep them in schools. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to participate in girl child programs. Girls are circumcised at puberty (as young as 10 years old). They are kept out of school for 3-4 months, and then married off.

IGA IDEAS – Sensitize and empower girls and women on sustainable Income Generating Activities for self-reliance. Women are very vulnerable and due to lack of knowledge and cultural pressure (a place of a woman) they cannot explore various sources of income to be self-reliant. They entirely depend on their husbands to bring everything home.  

Environmental conservation. In this program, we promote and conserve our natural environment which a habitat of then the beautiful wild animals, birds, insects just to mention but a few by participating in environmental activities including tree planting, constructing gabions to curb soil erosion among others within masai mara.

Wildlife conservation.  offer volunteer placements in an effort to promote conservation education, awareness and imparting skills to local and international volunteers. Those who join the placement include students and adults who seek a break away from their jobs in pursuit of a change.

Volunteers also have the opportunity to participate in outreach programs including:

• Sporting
• Youth mentorship programs in local schools
• Repairs and renovation of schools
• Donating education materials e.g. books, pens etc.
• Home visits and nature walk
• Construction work


Duration of the project: 1 to 6 months. The program is running from January to December.

Orientation: Orientation meeting will take place in Nairobi before proceeding to the project.

Accommodation: Accommodation is provided with a host family. There is shower and tap water at the accommodation, and with electricity.

Leisure time: Excursions at Maasai Mara game reserve and visiting touristic destinations around the county.

Location: is located in Maasai Mara National Reserve. Narok County.

Age range: 18 and over

Participation fee: 600 Euros for 3 months


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