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Workcamp in the development of environmental awareness

Trapaing Sangke Fishing and EcoTourism Center

Trapaing Sangke Fishing Community now is a well known as Eco-­tourism place in Kampot city so we are working to transform a local fishing community to become an eco­‐tourism site by helping them making bridges for tourist to explore the area inside mangrove forest, planting mangroves to protect the sea level rise for the villages and saving fish in the fish production season, teaching basic English for local children and participate with local people in collecting and planting mangroves seeds.

In 2017, CYA is planning to create a space where tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunset inside the mangrove forest. TFC welcomes individuals who are passionate about environmental and physical contribution. As an eco­‐village, you are not only working as active promoters for environmental and sealife preservation, but enjoying the atmosphere of the natural environment.


A world where global citizens are fully participated voluntarily contributing to create a peaceful and sustain development world.


To bring people together with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures to live, share, and discuss about global issues on the purpose of personal growth, social engagement, and sustainable development.


CYA believes that through organizing international voluntary service activities, youth and young people around the world will have chance to meet, share, discuss, and learn from each in order to create their better future and sustainable development in rural/remote community where the children and young people will have more chance to see the world outside their place.


To reach our vision and walk along our mission, CYA has been working on three main specific areas: children and teenager’s education, community improvement of the living standard, and environmental preservation and protection.

Language: English

Location:   Trapang Sangke Fishing Community, Phnom Penh

Duration:  from 07/01/2017   to 20/01/2017

from 26/01/2017  to  08/02/17

from 16/02/2017  to  01/03/17


Physical WorkWhat volunteers will do?

  • Cleaning around the community center
  • Collecting the seeds and seedling mangrove
  • Maintenance the mangroves
  • Constructing the space for sunset

Cultural and Educational involvement

Organizing the workshop, cultural exchange with the community children (children are not able to involve with the community everyday, but making effort to provide them some educational and cultural engagement is an appreciation from the community).

Food and accomodation

Volunteers are going to stay in the bungalows which is provided by the community as their sustainable project to support the income generation initiatives. The bungalows are equipped with mosquito net, mattress, blanket, pillows, and fan. The volunteers are also going to share the toilet and shower with each other. The food is going to be prepared by the volunteers in CYA kitchen, so that the volunteers are going to take the cooking activities as one of the workcamp activities.


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